Thanks for reading and commenting, D.A. Kirk. Although your response really hit me hard. I’m so sorry for what OCD has stolen from you — it makes me angry, furious really, that anyone should face a “life of solitude” because of mental illness. I go back and forth between acceptance and anger myself, much like the stages of grief, but yes, I’m so blessed to have my understanding husband at my side. Marriage is still VERY hard work, but I definitely understand how fortunate I am.

You don’t say whether you’ve undergone any treatment. I’ll just say that I’ve been through years of therapy and many, many medications to fight my OCD and for me, it has worked — to a point. I know that it’s different for everyone, though.

I wish you peace.

Mommy. Wife. Writer. Lunatic. My debut poetry collection, “The Weight of Need”, is available on Amazon.

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