February Pouts in Corner

February was spotted pouting in a corner this morning. When asked the reason for its protruding lower lip, it was quoted as saying: “April is getting all this attention for being SO hilarious. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I can be fun, too!”

When contacted for comment, March stated, “I hate being stuck in the middle all the time! I’m friends with both of them. Just because I’m named after some ‘god of war’ doesn’t mean I’m going to choose sides!”

February fired back with this retort: “April is getting enough attention. I mean, if I had just one more day, my average temperature would rise and maybe people would finally warm up to me. It’s kind of selfish of March to keep all thirty-one days to himself when I have only twenty-eight gray, gloomy days to work with.”

April couldn’t be reached for comment, as she was too busy telling everyone she knows that she’s pregnant, then collapsing into peals of laughter.

“Seriously, she needs to stop doing that,” said May, “It’s not funny. Just stick with Saran Wrapping the toilet seat and call it a day!”

Mommy. Wife. Writer. Lunatic. My debut poetry collection, “The Weight of Need”, is available on Amazon.

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