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Remember when
we laughed
in waves
that started
with our toes
and scrambled higher
to our bellies
and still rose
to suffuse breath and bone
with love’s pure light?

We only stopped
the laughter
to fight the perils
of the night.

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Poetry Sunday

Photo by Brittany Colpitts on Unsplash

Love is flowing freely now
between the petals of an afternoon,
burnt and stormy in their

deep, impudent hues,
reaching for the last tendrils
of light that flash
across an evergreen sky.

I lift breath from the cage of my heart
and, daring nothing, soon impart
a smoke signal all my own…



Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

When love writes itself
upon the empty page,
does it dart and strain
meandering slowly here
and there and taking up
the cadence of a mad god?

Footfalls close
Hands close
Hearts closer still


the last trail of ink
bleeds into the page below
and screams into
some lost void



I am watching for the day
my eyes are lighter
than my heart,
when my feet usurp my brain
and toss away its wild refrain
of scrambling hiccups
tossed within a spinning drum

the day when I at last outrun
every clinging thought
and memory is done.

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Elle Rogers

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